Age Requirements to Work at Journeys

If you enjoy working with clients in a rapidly changing environment, answering questions and earning the trust of clients, this role is for you. Multitasking is essential for customer service agents, as they are supposed to target customers via phone, email, web, and social media. No, during holidays or during workouts, Journeys does not offer free shoes to its customers. There is only one employee discount offered to you. While I was working for Journeys, they gave me two pairs of free shoes. Get chances to get prizes. It`s a good idea to prepare a few examples of times in the past when you worked with someone who was unhappy and share the steps you took to change their mind. Remember to stay positive and not talk badly! Visual Merchandising Communications Specialist also works from Journeys` home office in Nashville, TN. Individuals in this role are responsible for managing and delivering all visual merchandising communications within the Journeys Group. This role helps stores with their visual merchandising, answering questions, filling out inquiries, and listening to all store feedback.

Very cold, casual business clothes, street clothes and travel shoes are fine. Piercings, dyed hair and tattoos are accepted. You must dress according to the requirements of the store and wear the shoes sold during the trip. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, with skater-style clothing being the required clothing. Age of employment: 16 years (How old do you have to be to work at Journeys?) To apply for a job at Journeys, simply log into the careers section of their website, select your work page, enter the desired job and fill out an application! Stores offer a range of benefits for workers. These often increase, determined by the length of travel careers. Candidates who have a real desire for Journeys jobs should contact employers after a successful interview. The preferred methods are a phone call or email, although personal follow-up draws attention to a potential worker. Did the young and exciting corporate culture appeal to you? Are you a big fan of shoes and like to stay up to date with the latest trends? Maybe you enjoy working with clients in a rapidly changing environment. Share your enthusiasm for the brand and the role with your interviewer! The district manager in training is responsible for achieving all of his or her home-based business sales targets. You will work with the District Manager to assess employee performance, recruit and interview management candidates, and train store employees. The role of the district director in the training is exciting and is a stepping stone to becoming a district director.

Some information about working at Journeys When you apply for a job at Journeys, you must be at least 16 years old. (How old do you have to be to work at Journeys?) Printable application: Yes. You can either search for vacancies or print the Journeys app (PDF). This entry-level position is ideal for people who are passionate about a fun customer experience, who have an eye on the latest fashion trends and who enjoy working in a team. Does that sound like you? Apply! Fast food restaurants, retail stores, parks and recreation services, amusement parks, and youth employment programs at the federal and state levels are common places for teens to find work. The industries that employ the most young people in Minnesota between the ages of 14 and 18 are retail (26 percent), health and human services, and hospitality (36 percent) (8 percent). The role of part-time sales manager requires at least one year of experience at a clothing retailer. People in this role are responsible for increasing sales through excellent customer service and adherence to the “Journeys Attitude” characteristic, taking into account youth culture and the latest trends.

16 is the legal age to work in the United States. Applicants under the age of 21 may be required to provide a valid work permit, but this requirement varies by state or nation. Learn about educational institutions and get data on the curriculum that best suits your needs. Please only comment if you have previously worked for this company. Assistant store managers in training are responsible for recruiting and developing the sales team, training all store employees, supporting the weekly staffing plan, and managing the store in the absence of the store manager. Maintaining a safe and fun work environment is an important aspect of this role, as is a mindset where the customer is paramount. This is a 45-hour per week role that requires previous management experience and at least 6 months of retail experience. Bilingual Customer Service Representative Your duties for this position are processing orders, responding to customer requests, and working with customers to resolve various issues.

This position requires you to have a high school diploma, 1 year in customer service and/or sales-related field, bilingual in English/French. There are certain physical demands in this role, including the ability to kneel and squat, stand for up to 8 hours a day, and carry up to 40 pounds. This question will almost certainly be raised during your interview, so make sure you have an answer ready! There are many job opportunities. Why did you choose Journeys? As an editor and writer at LandYourLife, Noah is a career seeker who is passionate about helping others find and work towards their ideal vocation. A bachelor`s degree in marketing, art or design is preferred for candidates in this role, as well as 2 years of experience in Journeys store management. There are also several technical requirements, such as digital photo editing and Photoshop skills. This is an exciting role for candidates who are passionate about visual merchandising, creating displays, and providing a great customer experience. The District Manager oversees all stores in a given district and works closely with store management and the District Manager in training to ensure compliance with brand standards, an excellent customer experience, and the achievement of revenue goals throughout the district. Fun fact: All current district managers started as branch employees! I am convinced that travel promotes personality.

Everything from colored hair to piercings and tattoos has been accepted and promoted in this community. Since visible piercings and tattoos are in no way frowned upon, the atmosphere at work is quite relaxed. Be prepared for this question, as it comes up frequently! Be excited about the article and work to get your interviewer excited to buy it from you.

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