Me, in Amalie’s 7th birthday!

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Can you tell I love chocolate cake?

Elinor 1.5 years old at Amalie's birthday party

Elinor 1.5 years old at Amalie’s birthday party

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Announcing myself!

Yes! Expect the world to gro with an additional +1 around July/August 2015!!

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And… I’m out!


Yes I was out on the seventh of July at 7pm – how cool is that? Here, I’m posing in something that mom knitted for me


  about it


Look at me imitating dad:



One last artsy one done by dad:

fotor_(7) 3

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In case you wonder how I look like..

Just in case you wondered how to recognize me, I mean, there are plenty of people on the planet already right?

So I got my mom and dad to take a picture of me so viagra for men that you can recognize me the day that I arrive. Here’s how I look like:


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