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Our team and authorized legal partners are on hand to ensure national coverage and guide you from start to finish in the best and most cost-effective way. We appreciate that customers face challenges, we offer you support and knowledge to overcome these obstacles. We work hard every day to provide our clients with innovative legal solutions, excellent legal representation and a commitment to quality customer service. DCB Legal Ltd is a specialist law firm. Our Board of Directors has over 75 years` experience in debt collection, civil and commercial litigation and High Court enforcement. Clients hire us because of our unique understanding of their needs. We were in their shoes and found solutions together. We make sure that not only can we get the job done, but we can also do it efficiently and cost-effectively to ensure excellent customer loyalty and satisfaction. As a company, we have no claim to be a full-fledged legal service provider. Instead, we focus our energy on contemporary, simple and tailored legal advice in our area of expertise. The company is seeing a growing demand for effective, customer-centric dispute resolution options.

Our customer retention rate, combined with recommendations and recommendations, provides a solid foundation for organic growth. As an alternative business structure (ABS), we combine the expertise of non-legal and legal managers to provide over 75 years of expertise. A fixed-term contract must be in writing and contain the terms and conditions of employment prescribed in the Education Act, Chapter 21, Subchapter E. The Board may include in a fixed-term contract other provisions compatible with this subchapter. Any fixed-term contract must be approved by the Board of Directors. The Executive Board shall provide each employee with a fixed-term contract with a copy of the employee`s contract. DCB Legal Ltd can assist you in representing you in legal proceedings. We hire the UK`s leading experts, Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited, as described in Can`t Pay? We will remove it! ” for all the requirements of the High Court. Unless employed under a trial contract [see LOAC] or a permanent contract [see ACD], a school district must hire each teacher, principal, librarian, nurse or trustee under a temporary contract under Chapter 21, Subchapter E of the Education Act. Education Act 21.002 (a) Bankruptcy application against a natural or legal person For the purposes of this policy, standard district contracts are worded as follows: The Board of Directors employs, on fixed-term contracts, all persons eligible for Chapter 21 contracts and who have not obtained a trial contract in accordance with the LOAC (LOCAL) Directive. Unless expressly stated otherwise in the contract, the duration of the contract is one year and the contract year runs from 1 July of each calendar year to 30 June of the following calendar year. The contract work plan established by the Superintendent in accordance with the DK(LOCAL) guideline takes place during the contract year.

“Teacher, school counselor, librarian, instructional diagnostician, or specialist” issued for any position that requires the employee to have an appropriate certificate issued under state law or district job description in order to qualify for the position. An employee does not have a participation in a fixed-term contract beyond its duration. Education Act 21.204 (e) Chapter 21 fixed-term contracts are issued for the following professional skills: “Ten months” for fixed-term contracts for work assignments with a minimum service requirement of at least 187 days but less than 199 days; Charging a fee on a debtor`s assets for money owed to you. Before a teacher can be hired under a fixed-term contract, he or she must be employed under a trial contract for the period set out in Chapter 21, Subchapter C of the Education Act [see LOAC]. Education Act 21.202 a) In this policy, the term “teacher” does not include a person who is not entitled to a trial, continuation or fixed-term contract under the Education Act 21.002, an existing contract or a district policy. The district may hire a person as a principal or class teacher under a fixed-term contract if the person has experience as a public school principal or class teacher, whether or not the person is employed by the district for the first time, or if a probationary contract would otherwise be required under the Education Act 21.102. Education Act 21.202 (b) The Superintendent may assign and reassign employees from the same professional duties as defined herein to different positions within the district. If an employee is assigned to a new position in the district that is subject to a different salary grid than the employee`s previous position, the employee`s salary will be adjusted in accordance with the employee compensation plan in effect for the year in which the transfer occurs if the transfer results in a salary increase.

A salary reduction resulting from a transfer is made during the school year following the transfer. “Certified Professional” issued for each position that requires the employee, in order to qualify for the position, to be qualified for the position, or to hold an appropriate license issued by a state agency in accordance with the Texas Occupations Code (even if the employee`s certificate was originally issued by another agency) in accordance with Texas Education Code 21.003(b) or the district job description. Licensed professionals may only be engaged to perform tasks authorized by their respective professional licenses. Next settlement date February 21, 2023 scheduled for March 7, 2023 Employees working on fixed-term employment contracts must work at least the minimum number of days required for their assigned position (subject to available leave). In addition, employees on fixed-term contracts are expected to perform additional duties during the term of the contract (including weekend days) that are assigned to additional duties and are appropriately assigned by the temporary contract employee`s supervisor. Next invoices closed no later than February 28, 2023, due no later than November 30, 2023 If a district requires a person to be in possession of a certificate issued under chapter 21, subchapter B of the Education Act, because of policies, job descriptions or contracts, the district is required to employ the person under a fixed-term contract under chapter 21 of the Act on education. Subchapter E. Fields v.

Alief Indep. Sch. Dist., Tex. Comm`r of Educ. Decision No. 006-R10-10-2014 (2015) Our sister company DCBL (Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited) is responsible for collecting judgments we receive via the High Court enforcement and exclusive to the popular Channel 5 & Netflix TV series Can`t Pay? We take it away!… Once an employee has completed the probationary period, the duration of a fixed-term contract cannot exceed five school years. Education Act 21.205 If the district has a website, it shall publish the board`s employment policy on that website. In each school in the district, the Board of Governors will provide a copy of the employment policy for inspection at the appropriate time upon request.

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