Which App Can Scan Documents

Most scanning apps have similar layouts, but SwiftScan is our favorite thanks to its elegant simplicity. When you launch it, it automatically opens the camera and captures the document in front of you. (If you want, you can set it to go to your library instead, and you can turn off auto-capture.) We also like the dedicated multi-page scanning mode, reminders to rotate the camera for landscape documents, and prompts to grid your scans with too much perspective distortion. However, one thing we like is missing from Adobe Scan and Microsoft Office Lens: dedicated modes for different types of content. SwiftScan has a unique feature called Actions that analyzes OCR results and extracts actionable elements such as URLs and email addresses, but we found this feature only marginally useful in practice. For Android, we also tested Clear Scan, but found that the interface wasn`t as neat as our selection due to the lack of automatic document recognition and capture, a batch scanning mode, and the ability to OCR an entire document at a time. This made it harder for us to get high-quality scans. For iOS, we tested Scanner Pro and appreciated its interface and performance with text documents, but we were disappointed with the results when scanning other types of media. We also reviewed Prizmo, but its ugly and hard-to-modify interface, poor auto-crop performance, limited sharing options, and unreliable filters knocked us out. PDFelement for iOS is the best PDF scanner for iOS 14/13/12/11/10/9/8/7. The tool offers many advantages that allow you to manage your PDF files.

For example, you can scan notes, receipts, and business cards and convert them to PDF. You can also store and share PDF files via cloud services and transfer files to your computer via Wi-Fi. You can save documents as PDF or JPG and upload them to a number of major cloud services. The software supports iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Amazon Drive, Slack, Todolist, OneDrive, OneNote and Box. For the premium account, you have the option to pay monthly or annually, and the same goes for the professional version, which offers better opportunities for team collaboration. TapScanner (opens in a new tab) is another free PDF scanner that easily processes images and documents, with an auto-detect feature to ensure all images are properly aligned. In addition to saving as PDF or PNG, TapScanner also includes an OCR function to convert images to text and supports more than 100 languages. Although the free version includes ads, you can remove them for a monthly or annual fee. This app is the best I`ve tried (out of 5 others) and I wouldn`t use any other.

I have had this app for about 7 years now and last year I decided to pay for the full version as I needed to be able to do multiple scans for insurance information when I was hospitalized for 3 months and unemployed. I was able to send hundreds of scans in multiple PDF files and send them to my employer when we underwent changes with new insurance at the end of the year and I also had to send several medical records for FMLA reasons, so we`re talking hundreds of pages. I couldn`t move around much and this app made it very easy for me to copy everything I needed and send them in separate PDFs and label them accordingly. I`ve been using this app every month since then and have become almost completely paperless at work and at home. I can also find any document I`ve scanned much easier than when I put it in a cabinet and can return items. I also use it to scan every receipt for work and home (to balance the checking account, even return items or make warranty claims). I am very happy with it and I prefer it to an industrial copier that we have at work because I have the opportunity to look for them later with little effort. I have recommended this app to about 50 other people and those who later told me about their experiences have also paid for the app and love it too. Any scans you capture with Adobe Scan are saved as PDF files and automatically uploaded to Adobe Document Cloud. You can also share a copy of any PDF file from the Android or iOS share menu, or send someone a link to download the file from Adobe Document Cloud.

You can also export any scan to JPEG format in case you want to text it to someone or upload it to Instagram. Mobile apps have made our lives very easy. Scanning documents used to be so tedious, but thanks to iOS and Android scanners that can easily scan any type of document to PDF, that`s no more. Here introduces you to the best free Android and iOS PDF scanner app, including PDFelement for iOS, so you can easily scan your documents into PDF files. I decided to ignore Adobe`s request to switch from the PDF app`s scan feature to AdobeScan for a while, because when I tried it, it had “grabbed” the document it was supposed to scan as a kind of fast forward setting and misjudged the position of the document`s edges. It also didn`t take enough to get a properly focused image (intentional spelling). I realized that I needed to figure out how to run the scan manually to make it accurate enough or find another scanning app. On a later attempt, I was relieved when I was asked to turn off the seemingly psychotic automatic scan setting – imagine a colleague coming to your desk frantically shredding a neat pile of paper documents sitting on it while you watch – that I had never turned on.

However, if this setting is disabled, the app still doesn`t “find” the edges of the document as accurately as I`d like. It gives you the opportunity to customize the placement yourself; However, I preferred the scanning feature of the Adobe PDF application to this separate, supposedly superior Adobe scanning application. The app is free to download on Android and iOS, but you can upgrade to a premium plan to get 10GB of storage, send document links with password protection, download documents in batches, and more. When you scan sensitive documents, you can protect them with built-in encryption and passwords (or Touch ID on iOS). It can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS, but offers in-app purchases. SwiftScan (formerly ScanPro) (Android and iOS) is a full-featured app like Adobe Scan or Office Lens and offers things like custom folders for better organization, smart file naming, iCloud syncing, and automatic upload to more than a dozen cloud storage services of your choice.

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