Legal Age to Carry a Knife in Texas

Does the phrase “(1) on his own premises or in premises under his control” include the property of another person if he has given permission to carry the illegal knife? If I am on a shooting range and they have given explicit permission, can I fire my SKS without removing the bayonet (folded)? It is my understanding that the bayonet turns the rifle into a spear, so it is considered an “illegal knife”. I haven`t looked for how to remove it because I want to leave the carabiner in its original state, but if I had the choice, I would prefer not to become a criminal. You`re passing the American punch bill this year, so after September, yes, trench knives will be legal so, I think it says you can carry a knife bigger than 5.5 inches as long as it`s not been on closed airport schools and so on. If you`re from Texas, think about the running festival, people participate and work, walk around with swords. Stay away from the government. Property Can I wear a Switchblade only to open items that have tape, zipper, etc.? Texas` knife laws will become less restrictive effective September 1, 2017, due to recent legislative activity. (i) wear the uniform of a safety officer, including the uniforms or clothing referred to in paragraph 1702.323(d) of the Professional Code, and carry the safety officer`s weapon within sight; In September 2017, the Texas legislature passed H.B. 1935 (the Texas Knife Law Reform Bill), meaning residents over the age of 18 are allowed to carry knives, machetes, swords, spears and swords at most state facilities. (4) an active bailiff within the meaning of section 411.201 of the Government Code who is authorized to carry a handgun under subchapter H, chapter 411, of the Government Code1; I also have my LTC in Texas and just bought a Karambit that is 8 inches in total length, but the blade is only 4 1/4 inches. I guess it`s not legal to hide the port? From what I just read, it is legal to wear it to 18 years of age, everywhere except in the restricted areas listed above.

If I`m a minor and live in Texas, can I order a knife online and have it sent to my home? I`m fifteen years old and I own a 40-inch Civil War sword that I want to show someone. It is a blunt reproduction, in a vagina. Is it legal for me? I have a fairly large knife that I carry at my waist, at least 8 inches. I want to know that I am transporting it to a store where there is no opinion on weapons, can I get into trouble? Great resource, thank you for putting in the time and effort and keeping it up to date when these laws finally came out of the Stone Age. I love my car knives and I love being able to carry them here. (1) intentionally carries, knowingly or without regard for the consequences, a knife located on his person or around him; (a) participates in the actual performance of his or her duties while carrying the weapon; and As of September 1, 2013, Switch blades, Balisong blades and gravity meters have become legal in Texas as long as they meet the other wearing criteria – 5.5″ maximum blade length and SINGLE EDGE. Can a Kershaw boot knife with a 4.5-inch blade be worn hidden in Texas? Just in case you never found an answer to this question, no, your CCL (Hidden Carry License) will not cover and/or protect a knife listed as illegal in the state of Texas. If I have a dagger, a single edge, one side only sharpened, and another dagger, this double edge, both sides sharpened, two 5-inch blades, both sheathed daggers, on my belt, is that considered legal?, is that also considered legal in “Restricted Area”, since they are both below the restricted size of the blade? How do laws work for a flint knife mounted in a wooden handle? It is massively outdated. From 01SEP17 everything is legal.

Period. If you`re under 18, it`s to be you. Those above, anything less than 5.5 inches is legal to wear anywhere in the state. Everything beyond that essentially follows LTC restrictions. So you can`t carry a sword in a school or bar, but you can carry one in a park or on the school grounds, but outside the building. The rule is through the blade, so if you want to bring a 5-foot spear with a 4-inch blade into a courtroom, you`re legal. A machete is considered a weapon with a long blade. And it`s 100% illegal to walk around with Texas. Illegal to wear in Texas, hidden or open, as it measures over 5 1/2 inches.

After that, it doesn`t matter anymore. You can own it and have it on your property or have it on the way from your car or boat to your home. Other than that, big no no. In 2015, the Knives Act was enacted, which overturns all local courier orders that are more restrictive than the Texas state law. Therefore, local messaging orders are ineffective if they are stricter than state laws passed by the Texas legislature. If you read section 46.15, it says that if you have LTC/LCH, you can only carry one handgun. “(6) Bears: G-1) If the weapon that is the subject of the offence is a restricted use knife, an offence under this section is a Class C offence, except that the offence is a third-degree offence if the offence is committed under subsection (a)(1).

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