Legal Affairs Officer

•Professionalism: Knowledge of international law, in particular as it relates to the interpretation and application of the UN Charter and the law and practice of the Organization. Knowledge of the institutions and organization of the United Nations system. Knowledge of the work of international mechanisms on criminal accountability. Ability to apply legal skills to analyze a variety of complex and unusual legal issues and problems and develop innovative and creative solutions. Strong analytical skills and ability to conduct in-depth legal research on a range of topics, including those of a unique and/or complex nature; Knowledge of legal drafting and expression, as well as the ability to produce legal opinions and a variety of legal instruments and related documents. Discretion and sound judgment in applying legal expertise to sensitive and complex legal issues. Strong negotiation skills and ability to influence others to reach agreement. Ability to work under time pressure and manage multiple simultaneous projects/cases. Knowledge of contemporary international relations and organizations of the United Nations system and their interrelationships. Shows pride in work and in achievements; demonstrate professional competence and subject matter proficiency; is conscientious and efficient in fulfilling obligations, meeting deadlines and achieving results; is motivated by professional rather than personal concerns; perseverance in the face of difficult problems or challenges; Remains calm in stressful situations.

The role of a legal advisor is to oversee the legal affairs of a law firm and ensure that it complies with all laws and regulations in its field. As a Legal Officer, you will work under the supervision of a Senior General Counsel, who may also serve as General Counsel for the Company. Your responsibilities include reviewing all documents, contracts and changes to the legal landscape and reviewing how these changes affect the organization`s policies. They assess liabilities and risks and recommend recommendations for action to the OCOL. They can also assist with internal investigations. This includes bringing a legal and ethical perspective and strategies to university decision-making and planning; Development of strategies and consultation on creative ways to establish and promote academic programs and cooperation on campus, in our state, nationally and internationally; resolution of legal issues; providing training on legal issues; University-wide representation on committees; provide further legal and ethical advice, guidance and representation; litigation management; managing the use of outside counsel; Representation of the university in national and state discussions on legal and policy issues; and in collaboration with the UT General Counsel`s Office and the Attorney General`s Office. •Contributes to the review and development of new or new applications of legal instruments, guidelines, guidelines, etc. t.•Performs other duties as required. A minimum of seven years of progressively responsible experience in law, including legal analysis, research and writing, is required. At least two years of professional activity as a lawyer in the legal department of a department or ministry or in the secretariat of an international organization is required. Experience in professional legal activity in international law issues governing privileges and immunities is desirable.

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