Led Valve Stem Lights Legal

I wouldn`t adjust them – tire valves aren`t built to take a force on them, and these lights will exert reasonable force on the valve stem, which could cause them to fail. Which wouldn`t be fun at 70 mph. Hi everyone, I looked at these LED lights that are screwed into the tire valve as an extra safety precaution for the motorcycle at night, but then I thought about whether or not they would be legal on the street. They do not flash and emit a constant blue, green, red or yellow light, depending on the color purchased. I`ve tried to Google the answer, but I can only find articles that talk about underlit neon lights or flashing lights. Any ideas? The law states that the lights of a vehicle must be stationary, unless it is a vehicle equipped with a strobe light such as a tow truck. In addition, the law states that lights cannot create a distraction to traffic that could cause and change a driver. It is acceptable to have the lights on the steering wheel as long as they are not only used when driving in traffic areas. The lights could only be used for off-roading, racing and parades. You can have the vehicle in a standing parking position and have the lights on, that`s fine. A fixed ring around the rims, which appear to have no movement even though they are in motion, can be used as long as they are not red or blue.

If you need more information about your exterior lighting system on your vehicle, I recommend consulting a professional, such as your mechanic`s, to help you. I can`t comment on legality, but I have blue lights on my wheels in the same position as the reflectors. I have two on each wheel, they`re stable, don`t blink, and when I ride, they make my bike look like a blue disc (think Tron). I walked past the police several times without any problem, not that it necessarily counts as anything. People comment on moving lights, but there are reflectors in the same position on most bikes, and yes, I know reflectors aren`t lights, but they still come on when they reflect a car`s headlights. Anyway, my reasoning is that they make me more visible, especially for cars that go off back roads, and have definitely saved my skin on more than one occasion. I also have pretty bright white (front) and red (rear) lights. When I think about the number of SMIDY drivers, I will keep using them until I am told not to. Well, I implied, the rules say that no emergency color should be visible, no color that could distract other road users, but that doesn`t mean it`s illegal to use other colors, so in theory, purple, pink, etc. is fine… This is not the case, but it is a gray area, I even passed in front of the same copper twice in 5 minutes with subscription and nothing happened while the blue was displayed! He probably didn`t care, but tbh id just like white lights because they look cleaner and won`t really be a big distraction for others, but others will notice you.

These are known as side marker lamps (if you use lights) or retro-reflectors (if you use reflective material). I have wheel lights on my truck I let them work white A policeman told me they were illegal, but I don`t think they`re what you all think There is a rule that lights are not attached to a movable body part. That`s why some cars have another row of lights in the trunk lid that come on when the trunk is opened. Red, blue and green are likely to be classified as illegal. myhomeshoppe.com/products/waterproof-led-wheel-lights?variant=31859686866980 Any suitable reflective material is probably legal, so if you want a rainbow reflective material on the bike, go for it. Attach them to the wheel or something, not to the valves. No, they are not, because it must be a fixed position. If you put orange of them, I guess you could say they are beacons, but there are rules for frequency beacons with which they flash or rotate.

I suspect amber (or red on the back) may be legal if mounted around the wheel (but can`t be swiveled, so not to the wheel), but I can`t bother looking specifically for this case.

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