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The Law Society informs its members through regular electronic newsletters. Lexology sends all new members of the internal department a link to their account via email. On your account page, you can set up a password to change your personal settings. You can also follow the “My Account” link in your lexology emails. To receive newsletters from our networks and updates on topics of particular interest such as legal aid or anti-money laundering, follow the topic or network in My LS. If you are an in-house legal counsel but do not receive daily updates on lexology, you can sign up by email. Emerge News is a personalized monthly e-newsletter that provides future lawyers and executives with the latest legal updates, support and networking opportunities to support their career progression. QLS Update is our weekly communication with members. QLS Update is appreciated by members and is an important benefit of membership in the Queensland Law Society (QLS).

QLS update informs members of the latest news regarding the profession. This accessible format ensures that updates on legislation and legal procedures, special offers, tools and resources are just a click away. Not a member of the Law Society yet? Sign up now for a free one-month trial of Friday Facts to receive important job updates! Every day, Legal Services changes the lives of its clients with the help of its generous donors. Join. CPD News is distributed bi-weekly to former Law Society seminar delegates and provides an overview of the Law Society`s latest CPD offerings. YLC News is our monthly newsletter for young lawyers, graduates and law students. New York continues to show resilience. We thrive on our mutual support and our donor community. As a member of the internal division, you will receive our daily newsletter for in-house lawyers.

The company`s internal kiosk is produced in collaboration with Lexology. You can customize your subscription to cover your industry, industry, and/or other interests. You can also set how often you receive it. Sign up for Professional Update and receive the best stories and questions from across the profession every week. “Either way, the watered-down version of legal education will be advocated for true entrepreneurs, allowing qualified lawyers to work pro bono or not at all.” If you already have a Lexology account, your existing settings will not be changed. The Legal Aid Society is based on a simple but strong belief: no New Yorker should be denied the right to equal justice. Law Mutual News is a quarterly newsletter provided to Law Mutual (WA) policyholders. “Grayling is on a learning curve and we can hope he will see reality.

I have mentioned in previous articles that reducing government procurement to just a few suppliers will increase exposure to what could be described as “billing errors.” It could be that the time has come for Grayling to accept the need for proper review of G4S and Serco – if they don`t comply, surely he has the tools to legislate and criminalize them? Although he might then have a hard time putting her behind bars for contempt, I suppose. The President`s Newsletter is a newsletter from the President of the Law Society for members that summarizes the Law Society`s recent activities. “Courthouses that remain empty and neglected years after they have closed: everything points to something I have suspected for a long time. Our criminal justice system is run by people who have little or no idea how to run it! The annual Associates Campaign is one of the Legal Services` largest fundraisers. This initiative accounts for nearly one-third of all individual contributions in support of our work each year. Every person who works with Legal Aid is an essential part of our mission to create equal and racial justice. We are united by our values and work tenaciously to ensure that our customers receive the best. The Legal Aid Society works throughout New York City to ensure that everyone has access to justice. Our teams of experts work in all areas of practice in almost every area of law that affects New Yorkers.

Lexology is a leading provider of online legal information, publishing more than 450 articles per day from more than 800 law firms and service providers worldwide in 50 areas of work. The booth covers key internal practice areas as well as other areas of work identified by our research team. Sign up today to receive the latest news from the front lines of our fight for equal justice. Friday Facts is broadcast to members of the Bar every Friday morning, providing an update on the latest industry news, key legislative changes, events, CPD seminars and benefits for members. At the Legal Aid Society, working with our communities advances the work we do in every New York courtroom and informs our efforts to implement political and legal reform that benefits all New Yorkers. Proctor Online provides practitioners with legal news and perspectives to keep them informed of all aspects of law and legal practice. Our generous donors have proven their commitment to justice for all New Yorkers! Thank you very much.

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