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Notarial stamps, notarial seals and our notarial kits and notarial supplies are the items you need to perform your notarial deeds. We keep all the basic supplies of the notaries. NOTARIAL STAMPS can be rectangular or circular. We give you the opportunity to choose different ink and case colors for your notarial stamp. Notarial seals are also called notary seal embossing and these embossing mark a sublime print of the letters on a document. In addition to the notarized seal embosser, you may need a seal imprint ink to darken the embossed letters. Some forms may require the use of a notarial seal embossing, so it`s a good idea to have one among your notarial supplies. NOTARY SUPPLIES In addition to the notary stamp and notary seal stamper, you may need to keep a notary journal. In addition, we offer notarial deeds and a notarial transport case.

The notarial kits we offer usually come with a notarial stamp, a notary seal embossing device, a notary`s diary and a notary`s transport case. Choose from our wide selection of notarial supplies. Presto Direct ensures that every notarial stamp we manufacture is 100% compliant with state laws and guidelines. In many states, a fingerprint is required for certain transactions involving real estate. There may be fines if this requirement is not met. If your state requires it, we sell inkless digital fingerprint stamps (LINK) at a reasonable price. In addition to the journal entry, the fingerprint provided proof of a properly executed notarial deed. This can protect you as a notary if questions may arise at a later date. According to some states, if a notary loses his stamp, he must immediately send a letter to the Secretary of State explaining the situation of the events, as well as a copy of a police report. In addition, a letter must be attached with your name, the number of the notarial commission (if applicable) and your signature. Upon request, the Secretary of State will issue a duplicate so that you can have a new stamp made.

Date! We will search for this number in the name of all notarized stamps or thank you! I really appreciate your quick response. You are awesome! For this reason, I have not changed the company for my notarial needs since 2013! Very impressed! I will definitely recommend others! Thank you for ALL your support and communication. This process has really been a pleasure and I can`t wait to receive my supplies soon. Thank you again. Our notarial stamps meet the notarial requirements of your state and are manufactured in-house using only the highest quality materials. Professional notary supplies – everything you need, from the notary`s seal to the notary`s book and much more! How do I order a notarial stamp? What do I need to do to order my notary stamp? Each state has its own requirements regarding information about the notary`s stamp, the size of the notary`s stamp, and even the color of the ink. Under each state, at the top of the page, you will see a brief description of what that state requires to appear on the notary`s seal and/or the notary`s seal as well as any other element that may be needed. Before ordering, it is best to follow the following guidelines: Notarized stamps are inexpensive.

You can order a notarial stamp on our website or on another website from a notary stamp supplier for $19.95 or more. Since the Notarial Stamps Act is constantly evolving, it is recommended that you order a notary stamp from a reputable notarial stamp seller who specializes in the production of notarial stamps and has a lifetime replacement warranty. Click here to order a notarial stamp. There is no limit to the amount for which a notary can be sued. Since their signature and stamp are found on many legal documents, notaries can therefore be appointed in legal disputes. These legal fees can be expensive, even if the notary has done nothing wrong. A notary is required to hire a lawyer to respond to any lawsuit in which he or she is appointed. For this reason, it is recommended to consider taking out an Errors and Omissions insurance policy to cover the legal costs incurred.

All of our notarial seal embossings are laser engraved and require minimal effort to create strongly raised notary seal prints. Buy the highest quality notarial accessories at affordable prices! Fast processing of all orders. Order your stamp and notary seal today. As a general rule, a notary stamp or notary seal is a requirement in any state. Ordering your notary stamp is usually one of the last steps to becoming a notary. Once you have passed the state test (if your state requires it) and paid all the fees, you will usually receive information by mail from the seal manufacturers to order your notary stamp and/or notary seal. These suppliers will eventually offer notarial supply packages that include a notary stamp, seal, notary journal, inkless fingerprint stamp, and other items. It is recommended to order an additional notary stamp in case your stamp is destroyed or lost. With many of our notarial stamps, we offer the option to add an additional stamp with a discount. This is a good idea as replacing a notarized stamp can take anywhere from a few days to a week to be manufactured and shipped.

Since 1994, more than one million professional notaries nationwide have ordered high-quality notarial stamps, notarial seals, and notarial supplies from the American Association of Notaries. All of our notarial stamps and notarial utensils are made in-house, meet your state`s notarial requirements, and come with a lifetime replacement warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee – no questions asked! Order received today, and I am very satisfied. The old-fashioned desk in shape no. IN524 gives my position as a notary a touch of class and professionalism. reflects my business well and raises the bar in the way I strive to do business. to give the customer a little more than expected. First, check if your state law contains any restrictions on the type of color you can have on a notarized stamp. If your status is silent on this topic, we recommend using dark-colored ink that can be easily displayed on a copied document.

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